You’re 32+ weeks pregnant… and if you are anything like our lead photographer Carmela during her pregnancy, you don’t feel super pretty. You’re feet are swollen, and you have completely lost sight of ankles. You are just ready to meet your baby! You may not feel like taking any picture of yourself in this state… But you should! And here’s how!

  1. Treat yourself to the salon! Yes, get your hair done, or if you are capable enough and your colour isn’t a total disaster, curl those ends and let your hair down!
  2. Call up your favourite make up artist! Get those lashes on, glitter up those lids, define those brows and lets shoot!
  3. Pick a dress or outfit that makes you feel beautiful like the goddess that you are! You are creating a LIFE inside your body, its incredible. Let those linens flow and let’s capture the miracle that this is.

Call us today today to discuss your dream shoot. We have done it all: indoors in studio, outdoors in beautiful parks and settings, or even in your home in the most casual and natural way.

Book your Maternity Session today!

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