Did someone turn up the heat in here? This couple deserves their own blog post!

Kathy and Jinnish have never had a professional couples photoshoot. Being married for a few years now, they finally decided to make some memories with us, and we were so honoured. They were dynamic, their chemistry is infectious, and you can feel the love. It is always a good time to celebrate your love and your journey together.

In just 20 mins with our main photographer Carmela, these two took direction like champs, and shot in practically every corner of the studio. SPARKS EVERYWHERE.

Our next mini event will be the Summer Mini! Date and location to be determined, but we are hoping to have it in June or July. Want to get a jump on reserving your spot? Contact us today at heritagephotostudioca@gmail.com or slide into our DMs on Instagram @heritagephotostudio

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