Heritage Photo Studio has a variety of props, textiles, and clothing available.

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BACKDROPS: White Wall with Geometric Pattern, Flower Arch, Boho 3 Arch Large Wall, Grey, Rust, Beige, Black MATERNITY DRESSES: Green, Blue, Red, Burgundy FEMALE ROBES: Blue Sheer, Black

STUDIO FURNITURE: Rattan Egg Chair, Palm Tree, Boho Hanging Greenery, Green or Hay Wreath, Beige Knitted Blanket, Vintage Green Clock, Various Lanterns, Various Basket, Various Florals & Greenery, Adult Stool, White Fluffy Carpet

CHILD/BABY PROPS: Heart Bowl, Rattan Bed, Mini Park Bench, Mini Desk, Brown Wood Bench/Stool, Grey Stool, Beige/Brown Hammock, White Baby Bed, Miniature Tub, White Rattan Basket, Brown Barrel Basket, Rocking Horse, White Sofa, Mini Swing, Straw Baskets, Height Board, Fluffy Wall Clouds, Soccer Ball (Italia), Plush Soccer Ball, Official Football, Balloons, Gold Letters (A, D, I, O, R, #1), White Letters (C, D, &), Black & White Small Letter Board, Moon Pillow

*Please Inquire for Holiday Themed Items (Easter, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.) These goodies we bring out at the right time!

NEWBORN OUTFITS: Unisex White Robe With Sandals (White/Grey) 

GIRLS: Pink Wrap and Bow Hat/Headband, Tootoos (Off White, Red, Pink, Black), Wings (White Angel, Pink Butterfly), Beige Onesie, Pink Onesie, Headbands (Beige, White), Gold Crown, White Pearls, Variety of Wraps

BOYS: Mini Diaper Shorts (Off White/ Khaki Grey), Beige/Blue Overalls with Hat, Grey Pants with Hat, Brown Teddy Hat with Mini Bear, Plaid Diaper Cover Overall with Hat, Brown Overalls with Plaid Hat, Blue & Grey Sheer Wraps, Variety of Wraps

CAKE SMASH PROPS: O N E Wooden Sign, “1” Gold Glitter Number One, ONE Blue Tassel Banner, Cake Stands (white/wood), Wood Slice Plater, Large Wooden Spoon, Rocking Horse, Stool, Blue Boy’s Outfit with Suspenders, Bow Tie and “1” Crown, Unisex Jungle Belt (Fake Greenery/Hawaiian)

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