We are absolutely going bananas over this cake smash session we had recently with the adorable Willa.

This was set up in the family living room, using the wonderful natural light coming in from the backyard windows with a backdrop and stand and made some birthday magic. Lead photographer Carmela evaluated the situation and chose to go with natural light but had studio lighting on hand to adapt to the situation if needed. Not everyone has such bright natural light in their homes, but we guarantee that we can achieve consistent results, regardless of the space and lighting situation.

Willa’s mother Laura expressed how happy she was that this was an option for her as after all the fun and smashing of the cake, she was able to comfortable take her child straight into the bath tub and get her cleaned up for the rest of her day. That is why we do it. We know how hard it is to have young children, not to mention trying to get everything ready for their big photo moments. We are here to help.

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